Sinusitis Treatment in Kerala!

What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is the inflammation or the infection of the paranasal sinuses (cavities) that are adjacent to the nasal cavity in your face. It has been estimated that there are more than 50 million people across the globe who suffer from one or the other kind of sinusitis permanently. It is a critical condition which requires effective treatment. Otherwise the person may keep on getting an attack of the sinusitis from time to time.

Causes of Sinusitis:

The most common reason for acute sinusitis is common cold. But chronic sinusitis can occur due to several other factors. The infection of the sinusitis is formed due to infection of viruses, fungus or bacteria. that can also be due to some allergic reactions in your body or nasal cavity. Pollens, dust particles, and other such suspended particles in the air can be the reason for the allergic reaction in the sinuses. In rare cases the cause of the problem could be autoimmune response. In this particular trait the immune system of your body attacks the good part of your body.

When you are infected the inner lining of the sinus cavity gets swollen or it leads to the buildup of mucus or fluid in the cavities. This buildup of the mucus and inflammation of the lining are responsible for the symptoms of the sinusitis.

Symptoms of the Sinusitis:

The first symptom of sinusitis is pain in the sinus arena. You may also suffer from headache when you get up in the morning and the pain in your forehead when you touch the frontal sinus indicates that the frontal sinuses have been inflamed.

The other symptoms of sinusitis include - heaviness of head when you bend down, pain in upper jaw or teeth ache, swelling of eyelids, pain between your eyes, stuffy nose and loss of smell, irritation in the nasal cavity, itching in the nasal muscles, neck pain, fever accompanied by weakness, tiredness, cough at night and runny nose in some situations.

If you suffer from sinusitis it is important that you take proper care of the problem otherwise your life will become hell. There have been instances where people could not cope with daily life and they became depressed over the constant suffering from the sinusitis. If medicines have failed to cure your sinusitis you need to consult a good doctor who specializes in sinusitis treatment and ask him for proper diagnosis and prescription of medicine.