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Ear Wax Should I Clean It With Ear Buds / Cotton Swabs?


Cotton swabs/ ear buds are very commonly used to clear wax from the ear and are thought to be a quick, easy and convenient way to keep ear clean. But this is very far away from the truth which in that they cause more harm than good in reality.

What we don’t realise or know that a little bit of ear wax is beneficial to us. It help in lubrication of delicate skin of ear canal by keeping it moist. It also stops debris and small insects from entering the ear. It also plays a role in keeping infections away because of its anti-infective properties.

Usage of cotton buds for ear cleaning can push wax further deep in the ear canal from where it is difficult to remove. This overtime causes wax to build up in the ear canal which then dries up and totally block the ear canal and cause impaction which presents with acute onset of ear pain with blockade which may require surgical intervention. Cotton buds can frequently cause injury to ear canal and can cause traumatic perforation to the ear drum. Occasionally the cotton bud may dislodge from its tip and result in foreign body in the ear which may later cause ear problems.

Normally ear has a self-cleaning mechanism whereby the wax and other accumulated debris move out of the ear canal by their own and flaking out with the help of jaw movements. It is also important to know that some people over produce wax and some produce hard wax causing difficulty in self cleansing mechanism. Such persons may need to get their wax professionally removed by their doctor through various methods like irrigation, suction or instrumentation.

When it comes to cleaning your ears, there are a few different options available. You can use cotton swabs/ear buds or a q-tip/tweezer combo to clean each individual lobe of your ear. However, be careful not to overclean your ears – this could lead to health complications down the road. Instead, use the correct amount of pressure and clean only the areas that need it. Another option is using an Otoscope (a small device used for viewing inside the eye) in order for you doctor or nurse practitioner (NP)to see inside your ear without having you remove any jewelry or clothing first. Ascent hospital provides the best ear surgeon in kerala. This is often used in cases where there is suspicion of hearing loss or when other methods such as an MRI are not possible due to patient discomfort or fear of radiation exposure.

Cleaning your ears is important to maintain proper ear health. However, it is important to do so in the right way in order to avoid any potential medical complications. Cotton swabs or ear buds should be used sparingly and only on areas that need cleaning. If you experience any issues with excessive ear wax or blocked ears, it is best to visit an ENT hospital in India for professional advice and cleaning. By taking the necessary steps when cleaning your ears, you can help maintain their health and avoid any potential risks or problems down the road. Take action now by visiting an ENT hospital today for a safe and effective way of keeping your ears clean!